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Productes Naturales de la Selva (Natural Products of the Forest)


"The unique effectiveness of the VerryBerry supplement over many other things I have tried is truly dramatic and remarkable from my perspective. My knees are improved, although they get better or worse depending on my activity and diet. The coating on my tongue (which was pretty constant) has been virtually eliminated, and the swelling in my fingers has decreased perhaps 80-90%, taking two teaspoon doses per day, 12 hours apart. My need to pull and pop my fingers has decreased from 3-4 times per hour to 3-4 times per day. I will be using the VerryBerry postsurgically and report to you after that.”

John Cartmell, 2nd year Nutrition Student
Bastyr University


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Productos Naturale de La Selva

Natural Products of the Forest

Greg Key Greg Key: Medicine Hunter Bio
Gregory Key has forged important relationships with many indigenous peoples of the Amazon on behalf of NewWorld Natural Products. In addition to the Phyto-pharmacy Department at the National University in Iquitos, Greg has worked with Norma Norlobe, Curandera also in Iquitos on medicine making and identification of medicinal plants on the chakra/farm. Meetings have also been conducted at the IIAP (International Institute for the study of Amazonian Plants) in Iquitos, Peru by Greg Key and Dr. Nita Bishop, ND fostering an ongoing working relationship for the Amazon plant medicines.
Productos Naturale de La Selva
“Natural Products of the Forest”, is a sister company of NWNP located near Iquitos, Peru. NWNP and Greg Key is in partnership with Peruvian agriculturalists (Solomon and Renaldo) and the community of Tarapoto on the Tarapoto River.

Camu Camu
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Greg and Norma
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This partnership has purchased 110 hectares (220 acres) of property which we are currently developing. At present we have established a nursery on the 220 acre property. We are clearing sections of second growth forest in stages to allow reforestation with medicinal trees and plants.

Trip on Rios
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We have also planted 20 acres (in scattered plots) with fast growing trees to provide building materials for our planned lodge and Study Center where we hope to take medical students and doctors.

Flower on Trail 1
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Flower on Trail 2
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Dates to Remember:

September 22-24:
Lima, Peru ADEX conference: Keynote speaker: “Food as Medicine – A burgeoning market in the U.S. and worldwide”

October 2: 1:30 – 4:45 PM:
Therapeutic Benefits of Chocolate: Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA

October 22, 7:30-9:20 AM:
Grand Rounds at NCNM: Dr. Nita will be addressing the medical students at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in a Grand Rounds presentation in Portland, OR on October 22, 2010 from 7:30-9:20 AM.
Two Clinical VerryBerry success stories from Dr. Frank Aversano, N.D.

#1 "Non-anemic capillary fragility/easy bruising was 90% cleared up. Patient is ecstatic."

#2 "Prolapsed external hemorrhoid 75% improved after 4 weeks consistent use of VerryBerry."

Dr. Frank Aversano, N.D.